Perth Signwriters Enthusiastic About Upcoming V8 Supercars Season

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No matter your level of sponsorship, it goes without saying that your stickers need to be crystal clear. Perth signwriters like Kustom Graphix are into the race car graphics business, carefully crafting each piece to customer specifications. Aside from V8 Supercars, they also handle other race cars like Formula 500, Sprint Cars and Speed Cars.


Signs Show Signs of Comeback

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Traditional marketing is still the marketing strategy of choice for many industries, despite the unstoppable advancement of digital technology. One of these industries is real estate in which signage is still predominantly a property advert tool. In fact, the signs they use now is a combination of the traditional and digital approach. Read the rest of this entry »

Signwriters Open Boundless Opportunities

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Do you think Apple, Inc. would be as known without their iconic “bitten apple” logo present at their every signs, posters and advertising materials? Would McDonalds serve billions of burgers around the world if their famed Golden Arches did not exist? Signage and outdoor advertising tools have proven to be the most effective marketing strategy behind the world’s most valuable brands. And all of those companies have their creative team of promotions experts and signwriters to thank for the success they enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »